'Avengers' Bromance! Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans Stayed Out Until 7 a.m. After First Meeting

The Avengers: Endgame stars open up about their nearly decade-long friendship

After nearly a decade of knowing each other and having made five movies together, Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth are bonded for life.

The two Avengers: Endgame stars recently opened up to PEOPLE about their friendship and the first time they met — before their Marvel characters made them household names.

Hemsworth, 35, has a clear recollection of their first interactions inside a New York City nightclub roughly 10 years ago.

“We were just talking about this. I think it was in a club in New York,” recalls the Avenger also known as Thor.

“Was it really?” asks Evans, 37.

“Seriously. I think I went out and you’d just done your movie [Captain America: The First Avenger]. I was training for Thor and someone introduced us. We got home about 7 the next morning.”

Gavin Bond

“That sounds about right,” Evans says. “I’d be hard-pressed to remember the details.”

The Australian actor and Boston native, known as “Hemmy” and “Evans” on the Avengers movie sets, say they knew they were going to get along almost instantly.

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“We were like, ‘Cool, working together will be easy then,” says Hemsworth.

Adds Evans: “That’s the way it’s been across the Marvel landscape. It’s always felt like old hat with the cast.”

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And what are the two real-life pals looking forward to seeing each other do next, post-Endgame?

“You’re doing a bunch of theater,” says Hemsworth, referencing Evans’s recent stint on Broadway in the play Lobby Hero. “Can you come do a little bush performance in Australia maybe?”

“Ha. I am excited to see your finished home,” says Evans. “But honestly, I really want kids, and between Hemmy, Scarlett [Johansson] and [Jeremy] Renner, it’s been really cool watching them turn into parents and watching them be parents. It’s nice watching your friends evolve and go on that journey.”

Avengers: Endgame opens in theaters April 26.

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