The duo revealed secrets including which sibling hasn't showered the longest during the quarantine

By Georgia Slater
May 15, 2020 01:11 PM

Chris Evans and brother Scott Evans aren't afraid to share each other's secrets — even on live television!

The brothers made a virtual appearance on Thursday's at-home episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where the duo tackled a special siblings edition of the viral Couples Challenge. The challenge had the brothers answer questions about one another and their behaviors during self-isolation.

To play the game, host Fallon told the pair that they have to keep their eyes closed and point to whoever would be the most likely to complete a certain prompt. If the brothers both point to the same person, they were awarded a point.

Fallon explained that depending on their final score, he would deem if Scott and Chris were "legit bros."

In the first round, the Evans siblings proved their bromance by pointing to the same brother each time, which awarded them five points.

While tough to admit, the two agreed that Scott, 36, has better Wiffle ball skills and is more fun at a sleepover, while the Avengers star, 38, is more likely to get into a political fight on social media and has "stronger Neil Diamond vibes."

The Evans brothers, who are currently self-isolating together amid the coronavirus pandemic, then played a second round, where they revealed more intimate details about their quarantine habits.

"Who's gone the longest without showering during quarantine?" Fallon asked, to which both brothers pointed at Scott.

"Before quarantine, who was more likely to have gone a week without showering?" the host questioned.

"I mean hopefully neither of us," Scott said, before pointing at his brother.

"Who smells worse right now?" Fallon asked as the last question, telling the siblings to point with their noses.

"I finally showered after a week, so..." Scott shrugged, while the Marvel star laughed.

In March, Scott revealed just how close he and his brother are as the Sell By actor let Chris give him a haircut.

The younger brother posted several photos and videos on Twitter and Instagram, documenting his hair transformation process and showing off his freshly shaved head.

“I’m really doing this,” Scott said in one clip as he turned on a hair buzzer. “Ugh! Here we go. Is this a good idea?”

Scott Evans/Twitter

After shaving off a large middle strip of hair, the star quips: “Well, there’s no going back now!”

“Oh s***,” he added. “Wow!”

“Final product,” Scott captioned a handsome snap just a few minutes later.

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