October 23, 2017 03:45 PM

Things are heating up again between Chris Evans and Jenny Slate — on Twitter that is!

The former couple exchanged a few flirty messages on social media over the weekend. It all started when Evans, 36, wrote about his conflicting feelings over the theme song to the popular television show Mash.

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“The theme song to Mash stresses me out,” he wrote on Twitter. “The Pavlovian response is that it’s time to go to bed and I probably haven’t done my homework.”

Slate replied, jokingly berating Evans for procrastinating on his homework.

“‘Probably haven’t’???? Cmon, Christopher. Have you done your homework or haven’t you? It’s 7pm and you’ve had the whoooole weekend. Cmon,” she wrote.

Evans kept up the joke, asking Slate to “cut class” with him.

“This is terrifying and exhilarating,” Slate replied. “Meet me behind the gym after science. I have shark bites.”

The exchange quickly sent fans into a frenzy, with many commenting their love for the former couple — and questioning a potential reunion.

“You two are just too damn adorable,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Aww you two have “confirmed” you’re a couple again! good luck,” wrote another.

Slate and Evans split in early February after dating for nearly a year.

The flirty exchange comes after the two were spotted grabbing dinner together in Atlanta. Slate joined Evans and a few of his Avengers castmates for a night out at Better Half restaurant.

But a source tells PEOPLE Evans is still dating around.

“Chris has been seen with various women in Atlanta during filming,” says the source.

  • Reporting by: ELISSA ROSEN

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