Chris Evans and his Captain America: Civil War costar Anthony Mackie discuss their onscreen rivalry and on-set friendship

By Lindsay Kimble
Updated August 17, 2015 05:40 PM
Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

Chris Evans may play the titular character in Captain America: Civil War, but he’s actually a little jealous of his costar Anthony Mackie‘s fictional superpowers.

“You don’t envy until you see the trailer, when you see the trailer and you see what he’s doing, you’re like, ‘Mmm, kind of wish I had some wings,’ ” Evans tells PEOPLE of Mackie’s character The Falcon.

The Falcon is a former army paratrooper who is an ally of Captain America. Using a special winged harness, he flies at the same speed as a jet.

“Then you have those moments like people try to fight you and people grab you, you’re like, ‘You want some of this,’ ” Mackie says of playing The Falcon. “You have lot of those ‘You want some of this?’ moments. ‘Why be the king when the best role is the king’s brother?’ ”

But when it comes to doing his own flying in the film, Mackie leaves that to the pros. “I have a stunt man. You put dots on his face and throw him across, not me. I’ll be in my trailer drinking my ice blend mocha vanilla drink.”

The pair, who are heading to Germany to finish shooting scenes for the franchise’s third film, have developed a friendship after starring in multiple movies together, outside of several Marvel films.

“You have to understand I’ve done a lot of movies with the man. We’ve done movies outside the Marvel universe,” Evans explains, adding that the duo have an “aggressive inside joke.”

“We just make fun of each other and it culminates into this,” Mackie adds.

The pair, who say you “just gotta be cool,” also dish on Civil War‘s action-packed plot.

“In the majority of the Marvel films, it’s clear to understand who’s right, who’s wrong,” Evans tells PEOPLE. “In the first Captain America, Nazis are bad. First Avengers, aliens are no good. This is the first movies where it’s a little more parallel to the arguments we have in life where nobody’s right, nobody’s wrong. It’s just a matter of opinion. Where do you fall in the situation.”

In the movie, the superheroes are under the threat of being regulated.

“The government comes up with these accords because they think things have gotten out of control,” says Mackie, adding, “Every time Nick Fury [Samuel L. Jackson] shows up, it’s a problem. The government established these accords. They’re guidelines the Avengers have to live by. Cap doesn’t agree. Tony Stark agrees. Therein lies civil war.”

As for Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, who’s portrayed on the big screen by Robert Downey Jr., Mackie says he wishes he could shove the character off the Island.

“There can only be one flying Avenger, and he gotta go home,” he jokes. “Man, I have awesome biceps.”

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