Chloe Grace Moretz said her brothers put David Beckham through the ringer in the start of their relationship

By Jodi Guglielmi
Updated May 12, 2016 12:30 PM
Credit: Getty (2)

Brooklyn Beckham has the seal of approval from girlfriend Chloe Grace Moretz‘s four older brothers – but it didn’t come easy.

Moretz, 19, stopped by The Late Late Show on Wednesday, where she revealed that her older brothers are “super protective.” And while they approve of Beckham, 17, now, they definitely put him through the ringer in the beginning.

“They like him so they’re nice to him now” said Moretz. “At the start it was kind of like, ‘What [does] he want, what’s he looking for?’ ”

Moretz joked that her brothers should have nothing to worry about, considering the actress is two years older than Beckham.

“I’m like guys, guys, I’m the older woman, it’s okay here,” she quipped. “I’m in control.”

But she said that hasn’t stopped her brothers from laying down the law every now and then. The actress said she caught Beckham texting with one of her brothers recently and suspected that it served as a friendly reminder that they are always watching.

“Now that I have a boyfriend, they just correspond secretively,” said Moretz, admitting that she didn’t know exactly what they were talking about. “Maybe it’s like, they are intimidating each other on text messages.”

Moretz confirmed her relationship with Beckham on Monday while appearing on Watch What Happens Live!

“I think the more I don’t make it mysterious, the more people don’t care, so yes we’re in a relationship,” Moretz said.