Hasbro presented Chewbacca Mom with a one-of-a-kind toy modeled in her likeness

By Lindsay Kimble
Updated June 20, 2016 01:00 PM
Credit: Stew Milne/AP

Chewbacca Mom won’t be exiting the spotlight anytime soon: the viral sensation has her own action figure.

Like legions of stars before her, Candace Payne was gifted a custom toy in her likeness at the Hasbro headquarters in Rhode Island over the weekend, according to Entertainment Weekly.

The figure has a furry wookiee body, and the head is covered with a removable Chewbacca mask – just like the one that made the Texas mom famous.

A representative from Hasbro told Entertainment Weekly that the toy also says 13 catchphrases, some drawn from Payne’s original video, including “I am such a happy Chewbacca.”

“Thanks SO much, HASBRO. You literally rolled out the red carpet for me and my family,” Payne wrote on Instagram. “Thanks for making play so much fun!”

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Payne’s Facebook live video quickly propelled her to stardom, breaking records on the social media site and landing her on The Late Late Show and Good Morning America.

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“It’s something I really can’t grasp and understand but I’m just riding every single wave of this and enjoying every single moment,” the 37-year-old previously told PEOPLE, adding, “I’ve just been blessed.”