Charlize Theron on Dating as a Single Mom and the Mystery 'Famous' Man She's Seeing

Charlize Theron opened up to Howard Stern on Wednesday about the struggles of dating in Hollywood — all the while gushing about the mystery man who recently took her out on an 'incredible' date

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Charlize Theron has a new man in her life. Though she’s not ready to reveal his identity just yet.

The 41-year-old Atomic Blonde star and single mother of two opened up to Howard Stern on Wednesday about the struggles of dating in Hollywood — all the while gushing about the mystery man who recently took her out on an ‘incredible’ date.

“I went on a date maybe, like, a month ago. I had a great date, I’ve got to tell you. I had an incredible date,” Theron spilled to Stern. “This guy really impressed me.”

“I think he was just like a really cool dude,” she added, confirming to the Sirius XM host that her budding beau is famous. “I think some people try to be cool, I think he was just cool.”

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The famous duo were able to keep their date private by avoiding popular Los Angeles hot spots and going out at an unusual time.

“We went for a 9 mile hike in the middle of the night,” Theron said. “It was a full moon. I was really impressed. It was fun! I’m not going to say where we met but we met somewhere and we ended up going for a walk. I wasn’t scared — it was just really fun. He was super funny. It was super private and I guess that’s what made it so much fun too.”

While things went well, it was clear the two are a long way from being exclusive — Theron asked Stern to set her up with someone. “I’m looking,” she said. “I wish I could meet people outside of my industry. That’s my problem. I watch documentaries about adventures and I’m like, ‘I want to be with somebody like that who can climb a f—— mountain.’ ”

Asked what she looks for in a man, she said, “I don’t care so much about physical — I don’t care about that.”

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What she does care about is making sure her potential partner vibes with her 5-year-old son Jackson and 2-year-old daughter August.

“Once you have children, that’s who you are. There’s no way around that. That’s who I am,” Theron said. “Once I had my kids, the first two years you’re so — you turn into such a mom. Your body almost switches off. I had no desire to date or anything.”

Now that she’s dating again — after her two-year relationship with Sean Penn ended in June 2015 — Theron makes sure she takes time getting to know a potential partner before she introduces them to her kids. “They have to wait a long time — a very long time,” she said. “I think you have to be really, really slow with that stuff.”

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The Oscar winner was also honest about her own faults in relationships, saying “I think I’m high-maintenance as much as anybody else is high-maintenance. I don’t think I’m an angel at all. I think I’m tough to be around for sure.”

“When I’m in, I’m in all the way,” she continued. “My problem is I think I lose myself. I’m not needy but I think when I was younger, I definitely allowed men to get away with s— that I shouldn’t. I think now that I’m older I hope I’m a little bit better with it. I’ve definitely been in relationships that I’ve allowed things I shouldn’t.”

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Later in the chat, Theron spoke about marriage — explaining why she’s never walked down the aisle.

“Marriage to me is not that important,” she said. “I want to have a partner and have a monogamous long-term relationship, I really do. But I don’t need to have a wedding. My heart and my life and how I am with that guy is going to be exactly the same. I don’t need the party. I don’t need the white dress.”

Her longest relationship in the public eye has been with ex-boyfriend Stuart Townsend, whom Theron split from in 2010 after a decade of dating. “I feel like I was married, I just didn’t want to have a ceremony,” she said of their pairing. “I was married to Stuart. My heart was married to him. ”

Though she confirmed their split was devastating and sent her to therapy trying to make their relationship last, Theron was quick to explain the break up didn’t lead to a mistrust of men.

And while marriage may not be important to her now, she also admitted that it doesn’t mean she won’t get married in the future. “Maybe I will?” she said. “I don’t know.”

Atomic Blonde hits theaters July 28.

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