Charlize Theron was the reason why a sex scene in Long Shot ends so quickly

By Ale Russian
May 01, 2019 04:07 PM

Let Charlize Theron get some rest!

The Oscar winner stars in the new romantic comedy Long Shot opposite Seth Rogen, where the two have a few sex scenes. But the one that has people talking is the very first time the characters end up in bed together — due to its extreme brevity.

It all goes down after the two have connected throughout the beginning of the movie and Theron’s Secretary of State Charlotte Fields finally invites Rogen’s speechwriter Fred Flarsky to her hotel room. The two struggle taking their clothes off before they have sex and immediately start climaxing at the same time — a detail that is not going over well with some moviegoers who say it’s unrealistic for women.

Theron told Vulture at the movie’s New York City premiere that the reason the scene is so short is because of her.

“I’m gonna be honest with you, I was tired that day,” Theron said. “I didn’t wanna do all the work. I went for comfort.”

“Which is a lot like real sex!” Rogen joked in response.

Long Shot

Theron, who is starring in her first straight-forward romantic comedy, recently opened up about struggling with the message most of them give audiences during an interview with the Press Association via the Irish Examiner.

“I struggle with that sometimes in romantic comedies, I feel like I’m the only loser who has never experienced the third act of most romantic comedy and it just makes me feel very bitter,” she said jokingly as Rogen laughed alongside her.

“So I just wanted to feel like I could bring something to the table,” she continued. “I think it’s hard for me to do that kind of fantasy love stuff. I just wanted to make sure that we all agreed that we wanted to make a film that would have two characters that felt modern and felt at time conflicted and that we would focus on a relationship that felt real.”