Charlize Theron exclusively introduces PEOPLE readers to her new film, Kubo and the Two Strings

By Michael Miller
Updated April 28, 2016 10:00 AM

Charlize Theron is personally introducing PEOPLE readers to the latest trailer for her new animated film, Kubo and the Two Strings.

This exclusive clip features a welcome message delivered by Theron ahead of the new trailer for the family-friendly coming-of-age tale, also starring Matthew McConaughey.

Kubo and the Two Strings tells the story of Kubo, a young boy who accidentally summons a vengeful spirit and goes on a magical quest to find a suit of armor once worn by his samurai father. Along the way he meets an odd assortment of allies including Monkey (Theron), a sword-wielding simian, and Beetle (McConaughey), a big, brawny man-bug.

“Monkey and Beetle become a makeshift family for Kubo as they go on this journey, and they bond together as this family,” director Travis Knight previously told PEOPLE of Theron and McConaughey’s characters.

Kubo is McConaughey and Theron’s first foray into the world of animated features, and both are excited to be working on a film their families can enjoy. In fact, the film’s script became a bedtime story for McConaughey’s children.

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“He would read them little sections each night,” Knight explained. “That was his way of bringing the story to life and connecting with his children – it essentially became a bedtime story for the McConaughey family.”

Likewise, Knight said Theron “found that this was not only something that she could show her child, but it was a beautiful story that she could be a part of.”

One obstacle the veteran actors both faced in making the transition to animated film was their accents. McConaughey worked on dropping his trademark Texas twang, and Theron covered up her South African inflections.

“Not a whole lot of actors can do it,” Knight said. “But these are some of the best actors in the entire world, and from my perspective they seemed like they breezed through it.”

Also starring Rooney Mara, Art Parkinson, Ralph Fiennes and George Takei, Kubo and the Two Strings hits theaters Aug. 19.