"I had never really seen him being funny," the Atomic Blonde star said

By Mike Miller
March 09, 2018 08:22 PM

Charlize Theron couldn’t keep it together — or hold it in — when she first met David Oyelowo.

The actress, 42, revealed on the Late Late Show with James Corden that when she met first Oyelowo, who stars alongside her in the new comedy Gringo, she was caught off guard by his comedy chops.

“I had never really seen him being funny,” the Atomic Blonde star said of the actor, who’s known mostly for his dramatic roles. “So the first night we got to Mexico, if I had any doubts they were put to sleep.”

Oyelowo, 41, had Theron laughing so hard, she begged him to stop so she could catch her breath. “I kept saying, ‘You have to stop,’ and he wouldn’t stop, and he kept going with the story until I actually urinated myself.”

Admitting that tequila might have played a role in the incident, Theron elaborated, “Not drizzle. I had to go back to the hotel.”

Oyelowo declined to repeat the funny story that had Theron is stitches, but did hint that it involved someone terribly mispronouncing his name.

Joel Edgerton, who also stars in the movie and was a guest that night on Corden’s show, said that his Australian mom also has trouble with pronouncing the actor’s Nigerian last name. After trying repeatedly to say the name correctly, Edgerton, 43, said his mom finally asked, “Why doesn’t he call himself ‘Yellow.’ “

Gringo hits theaters March 9.