Charlize Theron Bares Almost All in 'W' 's Star-Studded Best Performances Issue

Thirty-one stars, including Bradley Cooper and Rooney Mara, pose for the magazine's February photo portfolio

Photo: Peter Lindbergh/W Magazine

Roll out the red carpet!

Some of the world’s most sought-after celebrities are revealing all in a new portfolio celebrating the best performances in cinema in 2015 and early 2016.

Shot as a series of stunning black-and-white photos – including a tasteful nude shot of Mad Max: Fury Road‘s Charlize Theron – stars like Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Banks dish on their approach to onscreen roles and their timeline to success in W magazine’s February issue.

While some of the featured stars’ revelations focus on their big parts, others share hilarious anecdotes about their relationships with other Hollywood bigwigs.

“If I ever need to cry in a scene, I think of Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack dying in Titanic,” shares his The Wolf of Wall Street costar Margot Robbie. “I would never tell Leo that. I’ll kill myself if he ever reads this.”

The Revenant actor also had an impact on cover star Rooney Mara, who was in “love” with DiCaprio at age 11.

“I didn’t have posters of him, but I definitely had some cut-out pictures,” Mara says. “I would write my first name with DiCaprio as my new last name to see how it would look.”

Also in the spread, actor Bradley Cooper says some of his professional success is owed to actor Vince Vaughn.

“During the shooting of Wedding Crashers, I remember watching Vince Vaughn come up with riffs that weren’t working and then discovering something that would work,” Cooper explains. “I thought, ‘Wow – he is totally willing to fall on his ass over and over in front of everybody.’ That taught me not to fear failing. What I do fear is not giving everything I’ve got.”

While Banks says that she likes dressing the part for auditions (“If you’re up for the part of a waitress, put on an apron over something you might wear to the Oscars”), Cranston tells the magazine a different story of working in costume.

“I’ve been in drag for several TV roles, and I make the ugliest woman in the world,” the Trumbo star insists. “As a man, I am not vain. But when brilliant makeup artists are making me into a woman, I become very concerned with my looks. ‘Can you soften my jaw? … Can you do anything about the wrinkles?’ Sadly, it’s a lost cause.”

Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne, who is also featured on one of the W covers, uses the profile to plug one of his past roles that slipped through the cracks.

“One of my first films was Savage Grace,” he says. “Julianne Moore played my mother, with whom my character was having an incestuous relationship. Last year, there was an amazing moment at the Academy Awards when Julianne and I both won. We were euphoric, and she turned to me and said, ‘Now maybe people will go and see Savage Grace!’ ”

Cate Blanchett, Jane Fonda and Amy Schumer are some of the stars photographed and profiled in W‘s February issue, which hits newsstands nationwide Jan. 12.

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