Charlie Hunnam 'Really Regretted' Comments on Marriage, Says It 'Hurt My Girlfriend's Feelings'

Charlie Hunnam is walking back his comments on being "indifferent" to marriage

Charlie Hunnam is backtracking on saying he was “indifferent” to marriage.

The actor, 39, expressed regret for his comments, adding they were “a stupid thing to say,” in a video obtained by TooFab.

Hunnam, who made the comments while doing press for his film The Gentlemen in New York City while on Andy Cohen‘s SiriusXM show, described the moment akin to “being with your pals, sometimes not thinking like, you’re not trying to articulate your sincere opinion about something, and then you see it in black and white.”

“I know I gotta say, that really hurt my girlfriend’s feelings and I really regretted saying that,” Hunnam admitted. “I actually didn’t mean it at all, it was, frankly, just stupid s— I said in the heat of the moment.”

Hunnam has been dating jewelry designer Morgana McNelis for more than 10 years.

Charlie Hunnam (L) and girlfriend Morgana arrive at the FX Series Screening of "Sons of Anarchy" held at Paramount Theater at Paramount Studios on August 24, 2008
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The actor continued, “I’m, like, so romantic, and the reality is I sort of consider myself married. I’ve been with my girlfriend for 14 years. I suppose what I was trying to articulate the official government sanction of it doesn’t mean anything to me but the romance of it means an enormous amount.”

“I really regret saying that. But listen, you spend 12 hours a day for three days doing interviews straight, you’re going to say stupid s—, especially a guy like me that’s not that smart.”

Hunnam said the press tour for the film, which involved “probably 85 interviews over the course of three days,” affected his answer.

“Sometimes the tone of an interview, you know, that interview was just like a lot of banter and Hugh [Grant] was sort of bantering in a very sort of superficial — not disingenuous — but not really speaking his personal truth, we’re all just bantering,” he said. “And all of a sudden we’re bantering about one thing and I get asked my opinion about marriage. I just said something that doesn’t really reflect my true thoughts at all.”

As for whether he would like to marry McNelis, he said, “Family is very important to me.”

“I was always a late bloomer. I’ve left it for a long time. Everything is great and we were just pursuing other interests in our lives but we’re certainly coming up to that time where we’ve got to start switching it up,” he said.

Asked is the institution of marriage makes him nervous, the star said, “It doesn’t really make me nervous, to be honest, because we’ve been together for so long. We’ve been together 14 years.”

“You occasionally hear stories of things changing once you get married in people’s relationships but I couldn’t foresee that happening with us because we know each other so well,” he added.

During his interview with Cohen, Hunnam said he was “sort of indifferent” to marriage when the topic came up.

But he said McNelis felt differently.

“She does not feel the same. She’s very eager,” Hunnam said. “I’ll do it because it’s important to her but I don’t have any great romantic feelings towards it.”

The Gentlemen is now playing.

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