Charlie Hunnam Admits Things 'Went Wrong' with 'King Arthur' : Didn't 'Make the Movie We Wanted'

"The idea was that if it was a success, we would've made several of those films," said Charlie Hunnam of the would-be King Arthur film franchise

Charlie Hunnam wants to take another stab at playing King Arthur.

During a conversation on Andy Cohen‘s SiriusXM Radio show on Monday, the actor, 39, opened up about his 2017 action flick King Arthur: Legend of the Sword — particularly on how the would-be blockbuster failed to find an audience upon its release.

“I’d like to go back to King Arthur because there’s a lot of things went wrong during that and a lot of things that were out of our control,” he explained, “and I just don’t think we ended up matching the aspiration.”

He added: “We just didn’t quite make the movie we wanted.”

Hunnam, who was joined in the interview by his Gentlemen costars Matthew McConaughey and Hugh Grant, went on to say that a “piece of miscasting” that didn’t end up in the final cut was to blame for “crippling” film’s storyline.

“The idea was that if it was a success, we would’ve made several of those films, and I’m really captivated by the Arthurian legends and I just feel like we really missed an opportunity to tell a long-form story,” he said.

Charlie Hunnam
Charlie Hunnam. Dominik Magdziak Photography/WireImage

Directed by Guy Ritchie, the King Arthur retelling, which also starred Jude Law, Eric Bana and the acting debut of soccer star David Beckham, ultimately underperformed at the global box office. Ritchie, 51, also directed Hunnam’s new film The Gentlemen.

In 2018, Hunnam — who notably turned down the role of Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades movies — told the Boston Herald that careers inevitably come with highs and lows.

“When something comes out and everybody hates it and it does no business, I mean it’s certainly a bummer, but it really actually doesn’t have that great of an affect,” he said at the time. “… It’s a hard thing really to explain, but I don’t feel a deep connection with an end result of a film.

He added: “I don’t watch films once they’re finished, actually. I just am 99 percent focused on the process of actually making the film.”

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KING ARTHUR: LEGEND OF THE SWORD, Charlie Hunnam, 2017. ©Warner Bros. Pictures/courtesy Everett
Warner Bros

Hunnam previously told PEOPLE about the rigorous fitness routine he followed while making King Arthur, which required lots of stunts and sword-wielding.

“There was just an enormous amount of fighting. Some of the sequences would take five or six days to shoot, so every day, 14 hours a day fighting,” Hunnam said. “The fitness level that I achieved during the course of that — I almost felt like I was a professional athlete, on that level.”

Although he might have wanted to hit the spa after the lengthy days of shooting, Hunnam instead opted for more gym time.

“I had to keep training,” he said. “I’d go the gym after work no matter what, so it wasn’t an enormous amount of salt baths or anything going on.”

The Gentlemen is in theaters on Friday, Jan. 24.

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