Channing Tatum Played a Hilarious 'Sex Doll' Prank on 'Kingsman' Costar Taron Egerton, Actor Reveals

"He filled my trailer with I think it was about 20 sex dolls," Egerton reveals of Channing Tatum's on-set prank

On-set pranks come in two kinds: silly or hilariously over-the-top.

Taron Egerton, star of Kingsman: The Golden Circle, recently experienced the latter via his costar Channing Tatum. Though to be fair, Egerton, 27, instigated it.

“I put a mannequin in his trailer bed with a wig on it and some empty wine bottles and a pair of high heels on the floor,” Egerton reveals to PEOPLE. “And he came in one morning and thought there was a person in there and was quite freaked out.”

Tatum, 37, did not get mad of course — he got even.

“The day he left, he filled my trailer with I think it was about 20 sex dolls and some rather disturbingly large prosthetics,” Egerton recalls with a laugh. “It’s on camera somewhere, someone filmed it I think. He spent some money on that. He really went to town!”

So what happened to the dolls and “prosthetics?”

“They just stayed in there,” Egerton says. “Eventually they were all deflated and stuffed in a cupboard but they were there in that form for ages and I had to sort of wade through them to get to the fridge or go and get my costume yeah, trying to avoid plastic erogenous zones.”


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Egerton’s other Kingsman costar Pedro Pascal corroborates the sordid, silly tale.

“Honestly that’s not a lie, there’s no time. No one had time to clean that mess up,” he said. “I did not [help Tatum orchestrate it] but I left with some props that day.” He jokes, “I was like, ‘Is anyone keeping this butt plug?’ ”

For more details about the fun of filming The Golden Circle and how many of the huge stunts Egerton performed himself, watch the video above.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle opens in theaters Sept. 22.

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