Channing Tatum Shares Shirtless Behind-the-Scenes Look at 'Magic Mike's Last Dance' : 'We Did Our Part'

Magic Mike's Last Dance was released in theaters on Friday hed: Channing Tatum Shares Shirtless Behind-the-Scenes Looks at Magic Mike's Last Dance: 'We Did Our Part'
Photo: Channing Tatum/instagram

Channing Tatum is celebrating his last dance — with a sexy photo!

Marking the release of Magic Mike's Last Dance on Friday, Tatum, 42, posted a sultry behind-the-scenes photo of him on set.

Posing on the Magic Mike stage, Tatum is seen wearing nothing but a snug pair of black shorts and knee pads as he flexes his muscles.

He also shared a clip of him perfecting his moves as he swings from a pole and performs a stunt off of a park bench before swimming through a small puddle of water on a slippery stage.

He urged fans to go support the movie in the caption, writing, "We did our part. Now it's your turn! #MagicMikesLastDance #intheaters."

On Friday, Channing's costar Salma Hayek Pinault shared details with PEOPLE about the epic lap dance shown early in the film. The actress's wealthy socialite Maxandra Mendoza gets to know Tatum's "Magic" Mike Lane via a steamy private dance. The intimate interaction gives Mendoza her groove back, so to speak, and launches the rest of the plot.

Hayek Pinault, 56, told PEOPLE she didn't expect the five-minute lap dance scene to become the most talked-about sequence from the sequel: "Every single person that's seen the movie talks first and mostly about that scene, which it's a surprise for me. But I'm glad because it works for the story of the movie."

Salma Hayek and Channing Tatum in the new Magic Mike movie
Channing Tatum and Salma Hayek in Magic Mike's Last Dance (2023). Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

The scene, which takes place in Miami, was filmed during "magic hour" over three days and required lots of rehearsals. Hayek Pinault admits she's "not much of a worker-outer" so the choreography proved "challenging" for her.

"Most of the work goes into making it look effortless," she explained. "After the first rehearsal I was sore because I'm not in shape and it's not movement you're used to. So I was sore. It was technical: You've got to make sure you don't poke his eye with a stiletto or knock him out or he doesn't drop me. He kept telling me he was 'very strong, don't worry,' but still you've got to hold on a little bit with the arms or the legs."

One move didn't make the final cut. "I was supposed to do something and I didn't do it and it was crucial, and he almost dropped me to the ground. He caught me like a millimeter before my head, because I was upside down, hit the floor. We got rid of that one."

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Hayek Pinault said her scene partner was a "real gentleman" throughout production. She recalled him being "cool, goofy and funny" but also "very smart, intense and focused." And, fortunately, they had an undeniable chemistry right away, something Hayek Pinault knows isn't always guaranteed between two costars.

"You cannot fabricate chemistry. You can hate somebody and have chemistry onscreen, and there's people that fall in love in movies and the movies don't work because there's no chemistry," the Oscar nominee said. "We were just the right mix, I think, for this. It's kind of like the camera decides that, and we just got lucky. But you know what? We get along great."

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Magic Mike's Last Dance is now in theaters.

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