Tatum revealed where he learned his dance moves and the nickname for a certain part of his anatomy
Credit: Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Channing Tatum just charmed the pants off of Reddit.

In a Q&A session on the website, the Magic Mike XXL star succeeded where other popular celebrities have crashed and burned.

The actor was promoting his new movie but also supporting the Runa Foundation, which works to preserve Amazonian farming communities. (The foundation is also sponsoring a raffle to win tickets to attend the Magic Mike XXL premiere with Tatum, and yes, by the way, you can still enter.)

Answering fans’ questions with a refreshing candor and sense of humor, Tatum, 35, revealed everything from where he first learned to dance to his nickname for a certain part of his anatomy.

Here are our five favorite things we learned from the hilarious AMA.

1. He’s a Classically Club-Trained Dancer

When asked where he picked up his dance moves, Tatum admitted he’s not exactly a Juilliard grad.

“To be completely honest, clubbing. I straight learned how to dance in the club,” he wrote. “I don’t know how to describe it any other way. I never took a dance class or anything. When I was really really young I remember going to the theater with my mom and my sister, so me and my mom sat in the theater away from my sister and her friends. It was Breakin’ 1, and my mom said after the movie I started trying to do headstands. My mom said I mortified my sister. But I think I was always fascinated by physical things. But I can’t tell you I had any training other than going out to Florida clubs and getting sweaty.”

2. No, There Won’t Be XXL Nudity in the New Magic Mike

One Redditor’s “friend” wanted to know if Tatum will be doing any full-frontal nudity in the upcoming stripper movie.

“Haha ‘for a friend,’ ” Tatum joked. “I do not do full frontal but I can promise you when you’re standing in front of a bunch of people in a very small thong it doesn’t leave a lot to the imagination. Your ‘friend’ should be happy.”

3. He’s Not Proud of All His Movies

Ever wonder how many times is too many times to watch Step Up? Tatum has an answer.

“Hahahahaha! I guess you need to see it as many times as it takes you to realize how bad my acting is in it. And fast forward to the dancing parts after that.”

Or have you wondered what’s the deal with Jupiter Ascending?

“Great question. I have the same one to myself,” he admitted.

4. What’s Jonah Hill Really Like? Are They BFFs in Real Life?

“That’s a complicated one to answer. Jonah is one of the most fascinatingly dualitied people. He can completely be one of the most intellectually smart and quick people that I’ve ever been around, and then he can come down to my level and just be very kid-like and just play without any pretension. I love him. He’s like a brother to me.”

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5. If He Could Only Bring Three Things to an Island …

“How about a magical seashell that’s always filled with bourbon. And I would like magical palm tree that had a lot of shade [and] instead of coconuts there’s just peanut butter jelly sandwiches with Cheetos underneath. And my wife [who] is always happy and possibly naked.”

Bonus (Because We Promised): Does His Penis Have a Nickname?

Answer: Gilbert.