Channing Tatum Says He's Extending Magic Mike Stripper Show to 'Worship Women' -- And He'll Make a Cameo

The actor said he hopes the show will make talking about sex less "taboo"

Don’t worry ladies, Channing Tatum has you in mind.

Tatum’s Magic Mike Live show in Las Vegas was recently extended, and the actor, 37, opened up to PEOPLE about what he thinks makes the show such a success.

“We just kind of did something that we thought was important, which was actually make it for women, and not for women to come and worship men,” he said at the L.A. premiere of his new series, Amazon’s Comrade Detective. “To actually worship the women that are coming to the show and do something for them instead of just being like, it’s all about the dudes up there.”

The actor said he hopes the show will make talking about sex less “taboo.”

“I want to just try to be like, okay, men and women, let’s talk. Let’s actually have a conversation about sex — about just humor, about really talking and connecting on what we are getting, or what we are getting and what we’re not getting,” he said. “Let’s not make it so taboo.”

The appeal of the live show is that it “can be the right kind of dirty,” Tatum added. “It can be dirty if you want it to be dirty, or it can be just like a good time fun where you don’t feel like you need a shower afterward.”

For fans debating if they want to make the trip to Vegas, there is one huge incentive: Tatum plans to make a surprise cameo.

“I definitely am,” he said of performing in the show. “I’m absolutely going to at some point.”

MAGIC MIKE, <a href="" data-inlink="true">Channing Tatum</a>, 2012. ph: Claudette Barius/©Warner Bros./Courtesy Everett Collection
Claudette Barius/Everett Collection

Until then, the former Sexiest Man Alive has no problem keeping himself busy. Comrade Detective, for which he also serves as executive producer, “was too weird and too strange to say no to,” he said of the series, which presents itself as unearthed Soviet propaganda. “We just kind of knew that it was rad and punk rock, and that’s the kind of business that we want to be in.”

Tatum has also been on the road promoting Born and Bred Vodka, the liquor brand he owns.

“We just wanted to make a community and a quality product that was really good that my family in Alabama can afford, but yet that’s really high quality,” he said of the drink. “It just feels like you don’t have to be on a red carpet somewhere at some European club to enjoy it.”

“You can have it in a club,” he added. “But you could also drink it off the back of your truck by the lake or something.”

But of course, Tatum always prioritizes family time with wife Jenna Dewan Tatum, 36, and daughter Everly, 4, over work. The actor said he values the connection he can share with his family during his time off.

“Just quality time,” he said of what keeps his family close. “When you’re not just pulled in so many different directions and you can actually block everything out and actually have a really, really clean, serious connected moment.”

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