Lawyer Laura Wasser, who repped Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Garner and Kim Kardashian in their divorces, reveals the nastiest revenge a client ever took

By Gillian Telling
January 31, 2018 12:55 PM

As a high-powered Hollywood divorce attorney, Laura Wasser, 49, has seen her fair share of love gone bad: brawling fights, water glasses tossed across the room, and one time, a stiletto heel that got stuck in a conference room door.

The Los Angeles-based lawyer, who has represented celebrities including Jennifer Garner, Angelina Jolie, and Kim Kardashian in their divorces, also repped Britney Spears when she went through her very public and very ugly split with Kevin Federline in 2006.

But despite the string of high-profile divorces, Wasser — who just launched a website,, to help guide people through the divorce process — says it was a civilian one that stands out as one of her craziest breakup tales to date.

“I recently had a case where the couple had a cat, and they loved this cat,” she says. “It was their baby. They doted on it.”

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Wasser reveals that after the couple split, the ex-wife moved into a very pristine white condo in Beverly Hills.

“They would actually share custody of the cat…the cat would spend three days with the dad, three days with the mom,” she says. “Well then, mom got a new boyfriend. And dad was very angry about that.” 

Laura Wasser, photographed by PEOPLE at home in L.A.
Amanda Marsalis

“We discovered later that he gave the cat some sort of human laxative, so when the cat was with the mom and new boyfriend, it was just having diarrhea all over this beautiful, white condominium.”

Wasser says she felt terrible for the cat and his crappy ordeal, but it at least cleared up any second thoughts the ex-wife might have had about leaving her former husband. Wasser says, “I was like, well, now we know how he feels about you!”

Still, despite the occasional crazy revenge tale, Wasser has become the go-to lawyer for multitudes of A-listers by keeping details of divorces out of courts and behind closed doors through mediation, which is her preferred method of handling splits.

“Mediation makes the most sense in almost every divorce,” she says. “It saves money, and it lets you be in control.”

Wasser hopes to bring her legal expertise to the masses with a, which aims to easily (and less painfully) guide heartbroken but modern users through the legal steps to divorce.

She adds, “People bank online, they shop online, they date online. So why shouldn’t they want to get divorced online?”