Catherine Zeta-Jones Reveals Whoopi Goldberg Helped Her Decide to Join 'Prodigal Son' 's Second Season

The Chicago actress said Whoopi Goldberg’s “royal seal of approval” of the procedural drama unintentionally swayed her to take the role of Dr. Vivian Capshaw on the show

Catherine Zeta-Jones on The View

Catherine Zeta-Jones had a 'what would Whoopi do' moment that convinced her to join the newest season of Fox's Prodigal Son.

The Oscar winner, 51, stopped by The View on Tuesday to talk about her return to TV as psychiatric-hospital doctor Vivian Capshaw in the drama series, and how Goldberg helped her decide on taking the role.

"They pitched me the storyline… of Dr. Vivian Capshaw and I liked it because she was a doctor who seems to be under control," Zeta-Jones told The View hosts over a virtual guest appearance.

But it was Goldberg who finally sold the actress on taking up the role.

catherine zeta-jones, whoopi goldberg

"It was you Whoopi who gave me the royal seal of approval to go ahead with my decision," Zeta-Jones admits, "or actually to feel really, really good about my decision because you said on air that you've been binge-watching the Prodigal Son and that it was one of your favorite shows."

She continued, "I had one of those moments of, 'What would Whoopi think?' and then you were on TV going 'I love this! I love this!'"

Goldberg seemed to remember the rave review Zeta-Jones was referring to, and the actress jokingly said, "If it's good enough for Whoopi, 'tis good enough for me."

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Zeta-Jones also talked about how she always wanted to act alongside fellow Welsh star Michael Sheen, who plays serial killer Martin Whitly in the series. She also talked about how the two stars grew up in the same town in Wales.

"We have so many mutual friends, literally childhood friends," Zeta-Jones recalled. "I was in different theater groups and we never met. Our parents know each other, and Michael knows my parents."

Zeta-Jones said that because she admired Sheen and loved the Fox series and her character, she felt confident about joining the cast in the second season this March.

"Even though I didn't know him [Sheen], he felt like a brother from another mother in a way," Zeta-Jones gushed.

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