Smurfs: The Lost Village features an all-star cast that includes Demi Lovato, Joe Manganiello, Ariel Winter & More


By Brianne Tracy
April 07, 2017 03:45 PM

A cartoon and three movies later, one question still remains unanswered in the Smurfs universe: where do baby Smurfs come from?

PEOPLE sat down with the cast of Smurfs: The Lost Village to get some answers — and they were creative, to say the least.

Jack McBrayer, who plays Clumsy Smurf in the movie, explains Smurfs come from “the love of adventure,” and co-star Ariel Winter agrees, “You’re speaking the words in my brain.”

Joe Manganiello and Demi Lovato, who take on the roles of Hefty Smurf and Smurfette respectively, opted for a more classic answer to where Smurfs come from instead.

“Storks. The storks bring the Smurfs, except for Smurfette — which if you didn’t know before, the real Smurfs fans knew, you will find out from this movie,” says Manganiello.

Meghan Trainor, the voice behind the movie’s catchy tune, “I’m a Lady,” answers that the Smurfs come from “Someone’s brilliant mind.”

“I don’t know, that’s a crazy character to make up but I love them,” she continues. “I love everything about them, the little blues.”

The star-studded cast of actors also features Rainn Wilson as Gargamel, Joe Manganiello as Hefty Smurf, Julia Robets as Smurf Willow and Mandy Patinkin as the one and only Papa Smurf.

This fully animated reboot follows Smurfette, who discovers a mysterious map leading through the Forbidden Forest to a legendary lost village of Smurfs. Together with her smurfiest friends, Smurfette sets off on an adventure to find the lost village before the evil wizard Gargamel — and his hench-cat Azrael — beat them to it.

Smurfs: The Lost Village is in theaters now.