Here's What the Cast of 'Cats' Looks Like Compared to Their Real-Life Cat Counterparts

Or should we say "counterpurrrrrrrts?"

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Cat hiding under furniture

Mild spoilers ahead for the not-so-sensical plot of Cats, in case you weren't someone who went to theater camp or saw the show once with your grandma.

For the 2019 movie version of the theatrical phenomenon, CGI is used to create the illusion of feline fur rather than throwing the actors in spandex and crossing their fingers like every amateur production before them. The result? Human-cats.

How do they match up to their real-life counterparts? Let's see!

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Judi Dench as Old Deuteronomy v. This Grumpy Cat That Clearly Runs The Show

Judi Dench Cats
Universal Pictures; Getty

Dench is an Academy Award-winning actress and this cat was once nominated for an A-Cat-demy Award for Lead Cat-ress in a Musical.

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Taylor Swift as Bombalurina v. This Cat That's Nailing the Choreo

Taylor Swift Cats
Universal Pictures; Getty

Swift and this cat have a lot in common, but mostly it's the fact that they are both absolutely nailing their musical number, "Macavity: The Mystery Cat."

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Jennifer Hudson as Grizabella v. This Cat Who Is Also Clearly Tired of Being Treated Like Garbage

Jennifer Hudson Cats
Universal Pictures; Getty

Grizabella the Glamour Cat has seen better days. Plus, everyone keeps treating her like crap, even though all she wants to do is belt "Memory" and then finally die.

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Francesca Hayward as Victoria v. This Cat That Can Probably Also Do Ballet

Francesca Hayward Cats
Universal Pictures; Getty

You've gotta be kitten me! The resemblance is uncanny (or should we say uncatty?), which can only mean that this kitten can also do a full ballet number like Hayward does in the movie adaptation.

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Ian McKellen as Gus the Theatre Cat v. This Cat Who Is All About the Drama

Ian McKellan Cats
Universal Pictures; Getty

Is there anything more ~*dramatic*~ than a cat whose name is really 'Asparagus' going by 'Gus the Theatre Cat' instead?

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James Corden as Bustopher Jones v. This Cat Who Is Also Not Skin and Bones

James Corden Cats
Universal Pictures; Getty

We aren't fat shaming, this cat's entire character is based on the fact that he's a "25-pounder." Listen, he loves himself and everyone else loves him, too. Just look at that hat!

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Jason Derulo as Rum Tum Tugger v. This Curious Cat

Jason Derulo Cats
Universal Pictures; Getty

Meow! The Rum Tum Tugger "doesn't care for a cuddle" and "will do as he do do," which ... really does describe both rockstars and felines!

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Rebel Wilson as Jennyanydots v. This Cat Who Loves to Lounge

Rebel Wilson Cats
Universal Pictures; Getty

Jennyanydots is a "Gumbie Cat" which ... it's anyone's guess what that is, but we do know from Andrew Lloyd Webber's song that she "sits and sits and sits and sits," and that's allegedly "what makes a Gumbie Cat."

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Idris Elba as Macavity v. This Cat Who Is Clearly Up to Something

Idris Elba Cats
Universal Pictures; Getty

Macavity is a mystery cat who is always up to his whiskers in trouble, and this cat looks like he's ready to stir some up himself.

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