The Cast of 'Armageddon' Then & Now

You don't wanna miss this catch-up with the A-list cast

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Armageddon WATN

Armageddon, the star-studded thriller about a brave group of men who save Earth from the potential destruction of a giant asteroid, premiered on June 30, 1998, grossing more than $550 million worldwide and cementing Aerosmith's "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing" in our minds forever. Twenty-four years later, catch up with the cast of the quintessential summer blockbuster.

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Bruce Willis, Harry S. Stamper

Armageddon WATN
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Then: PEOPLE's review called "a swaggering, got-to-love-him Bruce Willis" the best part of the Jerry Bruckheimer and Michael Bay film. The action star played Stamper, a pro deep sea oil driller called upon by NASA to save earth from a Texas-sizie asteroid — who makes the ultimate sacrifice.

Now: The Emmy-winning father of five (to three adult daughters with ex Demi Moore and two young girls with wife Emma Hemming) has the Die Hard franchise under his belt and released a slew of new movies in recent years. In March of 2022, his family announced he was stepping away from acting after being diagnosed with aphasia, which has affected his cognitive abilities.

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Ben Affleck, A.J. Frost

Armageddon WATN

Then: Just off his Good Will Hunting buzz, Affleck "demonstrates that he has the right stuff to play an action hero," read PEOPLE's review. As Frost, he flew under Stamper's wing — and was in love with his mentor's daughter.

Now: Justice League's Batman, and an Oscar- and Golden Globe-winning actor and director, he is divorced from Jennifer Garner, with whom he shares three children. He's been in the news more recently for rekindling his early '00s-era romance with Jennifer Lopez; the two got engaged in April of 2022.

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Liv Tyler, Grace Stamper

Armageddon WATN
Frank Masi/Touchstone/Kobal/Shutterstock; JEAN-BAPTISTE LACROIX/AFP via Getty Images

Then: As Grace Stamper, she watched the men she loved (her boyfriend and her father) head to space — and broke hearts as she watched one choose to never return. Her real-life dad, Steven Tyler, also provided some of the movie's soundtrack with his band, Aerosmith.

Now: On-screen, she's busy with a role on 9-1-1: Lone Star. Off-screen, she's a mom of three with longtime partner, sports agent David Gardner.

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Steve Buscemi, Rockhound

Armageddon WATN
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Then: One of Stamper's sidekicks, the esteemed actor provided some comic relief with his one-liners.

Now: What hasn't he done? Buscemi has had continued success in Hollywood, perhaps most notably of late on HBO's Boardwalk Empire, for which he won both an Emmy and a Golden Globe. He has one adult son with his late wife, Jo Andres.

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Owen Wilson, Oscar

Armageddon WATN
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Then: Another member of Stamper's crew, his character met an untimely end in a crash related to the mission.

Now: The movie was actually one of Wilson's first big roles; he's since gone on to cement his places in both the comedy world and the realm of director Wes Anderson, and is rumored to be bringing back his Wedding Crashers character for a sequel. He has three children.

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William Fichtner, Colonel Willie Sharp

Armageddon WATN
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Then: He played tough guy and bomb diffuser, Col. Sharp,

Now: Another one who's been everywhere, he's found much success on TV series like As the World Turns, Prison Break and more recently, Mom. He has two children.

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Billy Bob Thornton, Dan Truman

Armageddon WATN
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Then: His NASA executive Truman helped direct the mission, watching the drama unfold from the ground.

Now: He has an eclectic collection of hit films to his name, an Emmy nomination for Fargo, an Oscar for writing Sling Blade and two Golden Globes. Married to Connie Angland, he has four children.

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Will Patton, Chick

Armageddon WATN
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Then: Not only a member of Stamper's team, he was also his best friend.

Now: He moved right on to Gone in 60 Seconds and Remember the Titans, and scored TV roles on The Agency and Falling Skies. He most recently appeared in the Oscar-winning Minari.

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Michael Clarke Duncan, Bear

Armageddon WATN
Touchstone Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection;

Then: Relatively new on the scene, Duncan played Bear, one of the surviving members of Stamper's crew at the end of the mission.

Now: After racking up endless credits — including in The Green Mile, for which he earned a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination — Duncan died of complications of a heart attack on Sept. 3, 2012. He was just 54 years old.

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'Armageddon' Premiere
Alex Berliner/BEI/Shutterstock

Then: The band — here at the film's premiere, with frontman Steven Tyler's daughter Liv — provided a portion of the film's soundtrack, including Diane Warren's "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing," which earned Oscar and Grammy nomations and was the band's biggest hit.

Now: Together more than 50 years, they had a successful Las Vegas residency and had a post-pandemic tour planned for 2022, though dates are on hold as Tyler continues treatment following a recent relapse.

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