Casey Affleck must protect his daughter's identity after a pandemic wipes out the female population

By Alexia Fernandez
July 23, 2019 10:00 AM

Casey Affleck is making his feature narrative debut behind the camera — and PEOPLE has an exclusive first look.

In Light of My Life, Affleck stars as a father who must protect his daughter by hiding her sex after a pandemic wipes out half of the world’s population— all of them women. The recent Best Actor Oscar winner for Manchester By the Sea also wrote the drama.

Affleck’s character disguises his daughter as a boy, complete with a buzz haircut and oversized clothing.

“I’m the only girl of my species. Or the only one I ever saw,” she says. “Do I have the plague?”

The father says, “No, you don’t have the plague. But just because people aren’t getting sick anymore doesn’t mean the world is right again,” as a newspaper reads, “QTB devastates the female population.”

Casey Affleck in Light of My Life

As the duo seek shelter during a harsh winter, the two come across a group of men who seem to know the child is a girl.

“They’re looking for me because I’m a girl,” she says.

Her father reassures her that despite the danger they’re in, he’ll always find her.

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“Even if someone tied me up and stabbed me and knocked me down and put me in a block of ice and dropped me in the bottom of the ocean,” he says. “I’ll get up and get free and come find you.”

Affleck’s film stars Anna Pniowsky as his daughter, as well as Elisabeth Moss as his deceased wife.

The film world premiered earlier this year at the Berlin Film Festival.

Light of My Life is in theaters, On Demand and on digital Aug. 9.