Carrie Fisher's Brother Todd Says He's 'Not Shocked' By Her Cause of Death

"There's nothing about this that is enlightening," he said


Carrie Fisher‘s brother, Todd, is speaking out on the cause of his sister’s death due to sleep apnea and other undetermined factors, the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office revealed Friday.

“We’re not enlightened,” Todd told the Associated Press. “There’s nothing about this that is enlightening.”

“I would tell you, from my perspective that there’s certainly no news that Carrie did drugs,” he continued. The Star Wars actress was direct and forthcoming about her struggle with bipolar disorder and substance abuse issues, which began when she was 13.

The coroner said Fisher suffered from atherosclerotic heart disease and “drug use,” but no specifics were given. According to the Associated Press, the report stated Fisher had taken multiple drugs prior to her death. She was 60.

“I am not shocked that part of her health was affected by drugs,” her brother told the AP. “If you want to know what killed her, it’s all of it.”

Fisher explored her issues with addiction in her 1987 best-selling, semi-autobiographical novel, Postcards from the Edge, which was later turned into a movie starring Meryl Streep.

“I couldn’t stop, or stay stopped. It was never my fantasy to have a drug problem,” she told PEOPLE in 1987. “I’d say, ‘Oh, f— it, I haven’t done anything for a couple of months, why not? Let’s celebrate not doing them by doing them.’ I got into trouble each time. I hated myself. I just beat myself up. It was very painful.”

She told PEOPLE in 2013, “The only lesson for me, or anybody, is that you have to get help. I’m not embarrassed.”

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