French actress Laure Calamy gave photographers a show while dancing the cancan at Cannes on Thursday night

By Michael Miller
Updated May 13, 2016 04:15 PM
Credit: Valery Hache/AFP/Getty

Laure Calamy just learned the hard way that dancing the cancan can go wrong at Cannes.

The traditional French jig seemed like the perfect way to celebrate with her costars at the glamorous film festival, but the 41-year-old actress revealed a bit more than she was bargaining for during a few of her high kicks.

Wearing a sequined gown with a thigh-high split – and seemingly without anything underneath – the French actress flashed rows of photographers while enthusiastically cancan-ing arm-in-arm with her director on the red carpet Thursday night.

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While most of her Staying Vertical costars opted for modest low kicks, the impressively limber Calamy smiled as she showed off her flexibility half-way up the Palais des Festivals on the second night of the famous festival.

Hopefully the wardrobe malfunction will be good luck for her film, which is showing in competition this year. Staying Vertical, written and directed by French auteur Alain Guiraudie, tells the story of a screenwriter searching for inspiration while raising a child as a single father.