August 09, 2018 11:46 AM

Camila Morrone has been making headlines for her romance with Leonardo DiCaprio in recent months— but the model and actress tells PEOPLE’s Chatter she has “never been on a date.”

“I had a boyfriend when I was 15, out of high school,” the Never Goin’ Back star says. “It just was with him for a very long time and I went right into my second very long relationship with no dates in between. Once you’re dating already, then you go to dinner. But I’ve never been on like a, ‘I’m getting dressed up for a date. Pick you up at 7.’ “

Morrone, 21, has been linked with DiCaprio, 43, ever since their January outing in Aspen. Since then, the two have been seen traveling all over the world together and getting cozy.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Camila Morrone
Dave J Hogan/Getty; Donato Sardella/Getty

Asked how she gets into relationships if she never has a first date, Morrone gave what seems like some insight into her relationship with the actor

“‘Cause you’re friends and you’re eating pizza but you’re not like, ‘Hey, I’m gonna pick you up at 7 in my car and take you on a date and you’re gonna dress up and come out in heels.’ Is that a date?” she jokes.

DiCaprio and Morrone were last spotted together in France on Monday, just two days before the actress sat down for the Chatter interview. The two hit the waves and shared a kiss while swimming during the outing. The couple were also seen sharing a hug as they walked along the beach.

Morrone stopped by Chatter with her Never Goin’ Back costar Maia Mitchell, who told her horror story of going hiking on her first date without the right kind of shoes.

Never Goin’ Back is in theaters now.

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