Michael Douglas's son was spotted taking a stroll through Manhattan on Monday with a brunette woman by his side

By Jodi Guglielmi
Updated August 03, 2016 11:50 AM
Credit: Elder Ordonez/INF

Cameron Douglas has stepped out for the first time since being released from prison – and he already seems to have a new girlfriend.

Douglas was spotted taking a stroll through Manhattan on Monday with Brazilian yoga instructor Viviane Thibes. The pair looked relaxed as they walked hand-in-hand through the streets.

The son of actor Michael Douglas wore a blue V-neck shirt for the afternoon outing, showing off his new buff physique and his collection of tattoos. He also donned a pair of red glasses and sported a lighter and shorter haircut.

According to an Instagram account that appears to belong to Douglas, he and Thibes have been linked as far as five weeks back when he first shared a photo of the two.

Douglas, 37, was released from prison after nearly seven years following a drug conviction. In 2010, he was sentenced to a five-year prison term for possession of heroin and selling methamphetamine.

His sentence was extended after he confessed to smuggling drugs into prison.

He had been scheduled for release in 2018, but is now living in a halfway house in New York City.

Douglas’ romantic history has been a subject of public scrutiny as his past two relationships were connected to his struggles with addiction.

In 2009, Douglas’ girlfriend Kelly Sott served seven months in jail after she was arrested for trying to smuggle heroin to him in an electric toothbrush while he was on house arrest.

One of his defense lawyers, Jennifer Ridha, was also caught sneaking drugs to Douglas inside prison after they developed a romantic relationship.