These Vintage Cameron Diaz Photos Are Bringing Us Back to the '90s

These throwback photos of Diaz from the film and press tour for The Mask will make you all sorts of nostalgic 

Jim Carrey And Cameron Diaz
Photo: New Line Cinema/Getty Images
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Cameron Diaz in The Mask

Cameron Diaz
Mary Evans/Ronald Grant/Everett Collection

Diaz was a model before landing her role in the film opposite Jim Carrey.

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Cameron Diaz & Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey And Cameron Diaz
New Line Cinema/Getty Images

She played Carrey's love interest, jazz singer Tina Carlyle.

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Cameron Diaz on Stage

Cameron Diaz

Who could forget the iconic musical number from the film? After singing a sultry jazz tune, she showed off her moves in a swing dance for the ages.

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Cameron Diaz's Next Roles

Cameron Diaz

The part catapulted Diaz's career, and soon she was starring in films like My Best Friend's Wedding and There's Something About Mary.

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Cameron Diaz & Max the Dog

Cameron Diaz and Jim Carrey

Here's a photo of Carrey and Diaz at the premiere of The Mask with their costar, a Jack Russell terrier named Max.

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Cameron Diaz at the Premiere of The Mask

Cameron Diaz
Jim Smeal/Ron Galella

Diaz's premiere look was peak '90s fashion. She wore a pink silk dress with translucent heels and added some barrettes to her hair for good measure.

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Cameron Diaz with Jay Leno

Cameron Diaz

Pop quiz: Is this photo from 1994 or 2019? Diaz rocked the ever-so-popular dad shoe while appearing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in 1994.

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Cameron Diaz's Early Years

Cameron Diaz

That pastel eye shadow, though!

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Cameron Diaz Promoting The Mask

Cameron Diaz

Diaz rocked a navy suit while promoting the film and made it her own by knotting her tailored men's shirt.

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Cameron Diaz in the Suit from The Mask

Cameron Diaz

And then she showed the world what Jim Carrey's character was wearing to prove that she did menswear better.

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Cameron Diaz at Cannes in 1994

Cameron Diaz

Diaz meant business, even on the beach at Cannes in 1994.

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Cameron Diaz at Cannes in 1994

Cameron Diaz

It was like a hot high school yearbook photo shoot.

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Cameron Diaz & Jim Carrey

Cameron Diaz and Jim Carrey
Eric Robert/Sygma

This photo of Diaz with Carrey screams "Best Couple That Never Was."

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