Cameron Diaz Makes TikTok Debut and Takes Part in Viral Challenge While Drinking Her New Wine

The actress launched her new wine brand, Avaline, earlier this month with her close friend, entrepreneur Katherine Power

Cameron Diaz is now on TikTok!

The Charlies Angels actress, 47, is the latest celebrity to join the popular social media app as she recently shared her first-ever TikTok video in an Instagram post on Thursday.

"Made my first TikTok ya’ll," she captioned her post, which featured Diaz alongside her friend and business partner Katherine Power, taking part in the app's popular #WineChallenge while drinking the pair's new wine brand, Avaline.

With Power holding the base of a half-filled wine glass between her teeth, Diaz successfully drank the wine from behind her, completing the viral challenge.

"Who’s up next?!?!," Diaz ended the caption to her post of the video, which was set to Enya's song, "Only Time."

Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz/Instagram

Before sharing her first TikTok, Diaz appeared on an episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers to speak about her new business venture and explain why it was so important to her to have an organic wine option.

"Look, I have drank wine my entire life and my assumption is that it was just fermented grapes, why wouldn't it be," she recently told host Seth Meyers. "And then we learned sort of what possibly could be put into wine, and we realized that we wanted to drink only wines that didn't have those things in it."

She added, "Then, we realized that we only really consume, you know, we make such an effort to consume organic groceries, to put clean skin products on our bodies, and to wear organic cotton, all these things that we never really questioned our wine and when we realized that it wasn't a given that our wines were organic, we went ahead and sort of went that — we sort of put the pillar of our wine was that it had to have organic grapes."

Avaline wine features two varieties, white and rosé, which are organic, vegan and free of additives.

Later in her chat with Meyers, Diaz also opened up about parenting 7-month-old daughter Raddix with husband Benji Madden from home amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) shutdown.

"Before, my baby was an excuse to stay home. Now I don't have to make that excuse," Diaz joked. "It's just what it is and I get to be with her."

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"The best part of having to stay within our little bubble with this COVID situation is that her dad, my husband Benji, he gets to be home," the new mom said of her musician husband. "He works from home, and so he gets to be with her as much as I do. Well, not as much, because he's working all day long, but he actually gets to come out of a meeting and give her a kiss and play with her for a little bit, where if he was going to the office every day he wouldn't be able to do that."

"We're just having a lot of gratitude for that," Diaz added, "and yeah, it's pretty wild."

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