Andrew Lipovsky/NBC
April 07, 2016 09:30 AM

Word to the wise: Don’t challenge Cameron Diaz to a drinking game.

Diaz, 43, stopped by The Tonight Show on Wednesday night, where she tested her fate in game of Drinko.

In the game, players drop a chip down a board lined with cups of different liquids at the bottom. Whatever cups the two chips land in, they must drink – even if they land in, say, tequila and prune juice.

Normally, your opponent is forced to drink the concoction mixed by the player dropping the chips, but Diaz opted to chug her own cocktail of salsa verde and kale smoothie.

“Those are two of my favorites,” she said. “This is like best-case scenario for me.”

That left host Jimmy Fallon to drink his cup full of prune juice and salsa verde. And while Diaz took her drink down like a champ, Fallon wasn’t quite so confident.

“I really feel like I’m going to get sick,” he said as he gagged and prepared to taste the drink.

In the last round, both Diaz and Fallon dropped a disc to create one final drink.

“The first one in the person drinks it,” he explained.

But when Fallon cheated and dropped his disc early, he was forced to drink Limoncello and absinthe.

Watch the clip to see how he takes down his final cup.

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