Caitlyn Jenner and Arnold Schwarzenegger go way back


The two linked up on Wednesday at an event and reminisced about their past in a Snapchat video.

“Here with my old friend Caitlyn here,” Schwarzenegger, 68, said in the snap, calling the Olympic champion a “very good friend” and a wonderful person.

“We’re having a great time schmoozing.”

Jenner, 66, smiled beside Schwarzenegger before chiming in.

“Yes. [we go] way back, I’m talking over 40 years.”

The stars share an athletic history: Jenner, then known as Bruce, famously won the decathlon at the 1976 Olympic Games, and before he became an actor, Schwarzenegger was known for his Olympic weightlifting.

Between run-ins with old pals and a new locker at the Sherwood Country Club, it’s been an exciting week for Jenner.

During a Wednesday appearance on the Today, Jenner spoke about her love life.

“I know people are always interested in that,” she said. “Right now, I am just so busy kid of doing what I’m doing. But it would be nice to kind of share your life with somebody. But hey, I’m open.”