Busy Philipps Cries in Car While Remembering Heath Ledger on 10-Year Anniversary of His Death

Like many, Busy Philipps is remembering Heath Ledger on the 10-year anniversary of his death.

The 28-year-old Brokeback Mountain star was found dead on Jan. 22, 2008 in his apartment. A toxicology report revealed a fatal mix of prescription drugs in his system. Ledger was survived by his partner at the time, Michelle Williams, and their young daughter, Matilda (now 12). Philipps is Williams’ longtime best friend and was close with Ledger before his passing.

In videos posted to her Instagram story on Monday, Philipps cries while driving in her car as the song “Time to Pretend” by MGMT plays in the background.

“I was just driving and I was thinking about my friends Heath who died 10 years ago and this song came on, ‘Time to Pretend,'” she says in the post. “It came out after he passed away and I remember when it came out, because [I thought] it made me think of him. I just thought he would have liked this song. And for some reason, every time I hear this song… it’s weird.”

Busy Phillips/Instagram
Busy Phillips/Instagram
Busy Phillips/Instagram

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Williams previously called Philipps the “love of my life.”

“I’m so in love with her,” Williams told PEOPLE in 2016 about her best friend. “She’s proof that the love of your life does not have to be a man! That’s the love of my life right there.”

According to Daily News, Philipps was the only friend staying with Williams and her family in the wake of Ledger’s death.

Ledger, the Australian-born star of 10 Things I Know About You, The Patriot, Brokeback Mountain, and The Dark Knight, among others, was beloved for his rugged handsomeness, as well his low-key demeanor. He was often seen skateboarding down streets of his Brooklyn neighborhood, and strolling with Matilda.

Considered one of the most compelling actors of his generation, he brought a deep soulfulness to his roles, especially in Brokeback Mountain, opposite Williams and Jake Gyllenhaal, for which he was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar.

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