Busy Philipps Buys Her Own Mother's Day Gifts: 'I Don't Need a Big Swing and a Miss'

Busy Philipps knows exactly what she's getting this Mother's Day -- and she wants other moms to do the same!

Busy Philipps knows exactly what she’s getting this Mother’s Day — and she wants other moms to do the same!

The I Feel Pretty actress, 38, is partnering up with the new GODIVA Masterpieces to make sure moms are treating themselves to whatever they want this weekend, without having to wait for their loved ones to find and buy them the perfect present.

“I wait for no one to buy me a gift. I have always subscribed to the treat yourself mentality and if there’s something that you want for Mother’s Day, you buy it yourself,” Philipps tells PEOPLE. “I don’t think there’s anything wrong or shameful about buying yourself a gift and then handing it to your husband or your children to give to you. That way at least you know you’re getting exactly what you want!”

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And while Philipps cherishes the homemade gifts her daughters Birdie Leigh, 9, and Cricket Pearl, 4, bring home, for obvious sentimental reasons, she doesn’t want to guess about the “other stuff.”

“I don’t need a big swing and a miss,” Philipps says. “I wanna get what I wanna get. So yeah, I buy myself the chocolate, I buy myself the jewelry. And then it’ll just be wrapped perfectly and waiting for me. I sent Marc a bunch of links and I’m sure I’ll get something.”

Speaking about her partnership with GODIVA Masterpieces, which are now available at grocery stores, the actress confessed it’s a match made in heaven as she has daily chocolate cravings.

“I have to have chocolate daily! I’m one of those people,” she says. “I get truly upset if I don’t have my daily chocolate, so the GODIVA Masterpieces is really working out for me cause now I can get the most amazing, delicious chocolate at the grocery store.”

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The actress-turned-talk-show-host says that she hopes all women, particularly moms, embrace her treat yourself mentality.

“It’s not only okay, but you should, especially moms,” Philipps says. “We work so hard. Mom-ing is the hardest job in the world. You need a sweet treat for yourself? Buy yourself some chocolate! You want a new pair of earrings? Buy a new pair of earrings! Or send a link to your significant other. I’m all about sending links!”

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