Reynolds opens up about Anderson and Angelina Jolie and gives his opinion on Trump's run for presidency

By Naja Rayne
December 05, 2015 01:00 AM
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Despite the fact that his only Oscar nomination came from a film directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, Burt Reynolds says he would never collaborate with Anderson again.

In an interview with GQ the 79-year-old actor reveals why we’ll never see another film from the pair.

“Personality-wise, we didn’t fit,” Reynolds said. “I think mostly because he was young and full of himself. Every shot we did, it was like the first time [that shot had ever been done]. I remember the first shot we did in Boogie Nights, where I drive the car to Grauman’s Theater.”

Reynolds continues, describing the scene as unoriginal and adding how he named other movies that used the same technique.

“After her said, ‘Isn’t that amazing?’,” he said. “I named five pictures that had the same kind of shot. It wasn’t original. But if you have to steal, steal from the best.”

One director he would work with again? Clint Eastwood, who directed City Heat. Reynolds is also interested in working with Angelina Jolie, who he says was “provocative” even at a young age.

“I’d like to work with Clint again. And Angelina Jolie,” he said. “I think she’s a great director. She has what her father has. Talent. And charisma. She always has. I remember even when she was ten she was already provocative. I said to Jon one day, ‘You have big problems.

“He asked what I was talking about. I said, ‘She’s going to be unbelievably beautiful when she grows up and men are going to fall hard for her.’ She was stunning even as a girl.”

The actor also offered his opinion on Donald Trump‘s run for presidency, saying that although Trump knows what it takes to run a business, those same tactics may not work for running a country.

“I like [Trump]. He’s a good guy,” Reynolds said. “I just don’t know how he’d deal with Russia and other countries. To be successful in business you have to be ruthless. But when running a country and dealing with other countries, ruthlessness doesn’t work all the time.”