The actor also dished on his relationships with Sally Field and Greta Garbo

By Jodi Guglielmi
Updated April 15, 2016 08:15 PM
Mario Casilli

Burt Reynolds has admitted that marrying Loni Anderson was a mistake – and it turns out, his mom thought so too.

Reynolds opened up to Men’s Health about his relationship with Anderson, admitting there were warning signs that their marriage wouldn’t last.

“I remember when we got married, it was in a chapel I’d built specifically for our wedding,” he said. “I was walking down the aisle, and Perry Como was walking with me.”

The actor, 80, said as he turned to look at his mom, she was “shaking her head ‘No'” at him.

“I didn’t pay attention, but my mom was always right,” he said.

When asked if Anderson was the love of his life, he didn’t hesitate: “Nope. Absolutely not.”

Reynolds and Anderson wed in 1988 and separated six years later. The actor has been candid in discussing their marriage, previously telling PEOPLE, “I should have known that you don’t marry an actress.”

So who did steal his heart? Easy, Sally Field.

Recently, the actor has been vocal about his love for the actress. He stressed to Men’s Health that his feelings for Field haven’t been over-romanticized over the years.

“It’s the absolute truth,” he said. “I’ve replayed it enough times in my head. Sally was the one.”

Reynolds said poor timing ultimately doomed the pair.

“The timing just didn’t work out. There was a time when she wanted us to stay together, and there was a time when I wanted us to stay together,” he added. “We just never felt the same way at the same time.”

But Field’s wasn’t Reynolds only missed opportunity. The actor also revealed that he regrets turning down Greta Garbo and never sealing the deal with her.

Reynolds said he was 20 when he met Garbo at party in New York and she started hitting on him.

“She invited me back to her place after the party, and I didn’t go,” he said. “What a putz! What was I thinking?”