Burt Reynolds Really Hates His Infamous Nude 'Cosmopolitan' Photo Shoot: 'What An Egomaniac'

"I get mad at myself when I look in retrospect of the way I behaved sometimes," Reynolds admits of looking back

Burt Reynolds‘ infamous 1972 nude photo shoot for Cosmopolitan may have flown off newsstands, but the star isn’t exactly proud of the spread.

During an appearance on Yahoo!’s The Katie Couric Interview to promote his new film, Dog Years, Reynolds said of being a centerfold, “I look back on it and shudder. I just shudder.”

“I mean what an a–,” he continued. “What an egomaniac that would do something like that.”

When Couric pressed Reynolds, now 81, to explain why he regretted the shoot so much, he added, “I didn’t have to do that. But people thought you had to do it because it, you know, caused a little fuss and all that and I enjoyed that, but I didn’t enjoy doing it.”

During the interview, Reynolds also reflected on his past relationships, including his romance with Sally Field, whom he dated for five years before breaking up in the ’80s.

“I screwed it up, like I did everything else,” he said. “I should have stayed with her, she was terrific. She had everything: talent, sweet, two great kids. She was just wonderful. I just screwed it up.”

The sentiment is not a new one: In 2015, Reynolds told Vanity Fair that Field was the love of his life.

Reynolds doesn’t feel the same way toward all of his past lovers, though. When Couric mentioned her father had a crush on Reynolds’ ex-wife Loni Anderson, the actor retorted, “Of course he did, but that was after makeup.”

He gave a firm “no” when Couric asked if the pair were still friendly.

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Reynolds has, however, settled down: He told Couric that he has a girlfriend.

“She’s not in the business and she’s just a great gal,” he shared.

Reflecting on his life and loves, Reynolds admitted, “I get mad at myself when I look in retrospect of the way I behaved sometimes. I guess every man feels that way about some period of his life.”

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