Chris Pratt referenced his Parks and Recreation alter ego Burt Mackling on Instagram Monday

By Ale Russian
November 27, 2017 05:55 PM

Macklin, you’ve done it again.

Former Parks and Recreation actor Chris Pratt posted the selfie to end all selfies Monday when he did his best Blue Steel while holding an FBI mug — a reference to his beloved character’s alter-ego. Pratt gave a nod to Andy Dwyer’s favorite play character Burt Macklin — an FBI agent that is always hunting for stolen jewels.

“Just gazin’ off in the distance sippin’ some coffee from my FREAKIN’ FBI MUG,” Pratt, 38, wrote while adding a #burtmacklin at the end.

The character made his first appearance alongside Aubrey Plaza‘s character’s alter-ego and quickly became a hit amongst fans, eventually turning into an often copied Halloween costume.

Aubrey Plaza as Janet Snakehole and Chris Pratt as Burt Macklin

In a separate post, Pratt also took the chance to talk about his experience of meeting up with almost every actor from the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a Vanity Fair cover shoot. The Guardians of the Galaxy actor shared the cover he appears on and described what it was like to be in a room with so much star power.

“I had a pretty surreal photo shoot while filming #avengers#infinitywar. We took this photo,” Pratt said. “We also shot a “Marvel 10th Anniversary Class Photo” which included just about anyone that’s ever been in the 22 Marvel movies made in that time! That was really something. I kept looking around, flabbergasted. So many big stars. So many awesome actors. It was a real “pinch me,” moment.”

Pratt then went on a hilarious rant referencing Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange, throwing him in a limbo where time doesn’t exist.

“I’m hoping he’ll contact me soon to let me out? I don’t know if he has Instagram. Someone tell him? I know [Tom Holland] follows me. Can you tell him Tom?” Pratt joked. “Hope he didn’t forget about me. I love being in Marvel movies. I’d hate to miss the premiere of #infinitywar next summer.”