Bryce Dallas Howard is opening up about returning to production on Jurassic World: Dominion

By Alexia Fernandez
June 16, 2020 09:53 PM
Bryce Dallas Howard
Frazer Harrison/Getty

Bryce Dallas Howard is ready to return to Jurassic World: Dominion.

The actress called into SiriusXM's EW Live on Tuesday and spoke about her new Apple TV+ film Dads while also revealing how she felt about returning to the U.K. set of the upcoming film in the Jurassic World franchise amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"There’s been a lot of communication," Dallas Howard, 39, said. "They’re going above and beyond."

The star revealed the precautions taken by herself and her costar Chris Pratt, saying, "We would never go back to work if we didn’t feel safe and we’re taking it a day at a time."

"I'm very grateful to have a job," she said. "What feels really right about it is that there’s this daily conversation, daily communication with all of the actors, the key crew members, and just us being consistently [like], 'Okay, how are we going to do this safely?' And not making compromises that could undermine someone’s health and well-being."

Jurassic World: Dominion, the third movie in the franchise reboot, will resume production in the U.K. on July 6. The movie initially started pre-production in March before the novel coronavirus pandemic shuttered all film production around the world.

Pre-production, which was four weeks into a 20-week slate, has picked back up this week, Variety reported. The team behind the movie is set to take new measures into account to keep the cast and crew on set safe from the still-spreading virus. The outlet reports the new measures, including temperature checks and extra cleanings, could cost around $5 million to implement.

Deadlinethe first outlet to report the news, also reported anyone not acting in a scene will be required to wear a mask. There will also be a private medical facility for the safety of the cast and crew.