Bryce Dallas Howard Cries as She Recalls the Kindest Thing Anyone's Ever Done for Her

Bryce Dallas Howard tears up about a moment of kindness

Bryce Dallas Howard will never forget a kindness shared with her by a Bloomingdale’s employee.

The actress, 38, recently opened up to PEOPLE about a moment of kindness that warmed her heart after she found herself unable to move from surgery following a “serious injury.”

“I had a pretty serious injury and I had to get a surgery. I had to do press six days after the surgery, and I could barely walk,” Howard recalled. “I was pretty stressed out about it, [I was thinking], ‘How am I going to stand there and pose when I can’t really stand up? This is really full-on.'”

The Jurassic World star explained she needed to wear compression clothing for her stitches but found herself scrambling to find something that would work for her just days before a premiere.

“I called Bloomingdale’s and didn’t say my name, but I talked to this woman who worked in this department that sold Spanx stuff basically,” she said. Howard said she told the employee that she wouldn’t be able to personally pick up the item.

Bryce Dallas Howard Cries as She Recalls the Kindest Thing Anyone's Ever Done for Her

Howard began to cry as she recalled, “She walked to me. [The employee said,] ‘I’m going to get you those Spanx, girl.'”

“She walked all the way from Bloomingdale’s to the Upper West Side. She didn’t even know my name, she left it with the doorman and she wrote this note where she’s like, ‘You’re going to be beautiful, you feel like a caterpillar right now but you’ll be a butterfly,'” Howard said as she wiped her tears.

She continued, “It’s such a weird specific thing when you’re vulnerable and someone does something that doesn’t even seem like it matters. Kindness is everything because the smallest thing can help.”

“But she was wonderful for doing that,” Howard added.

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