Bryce Dallas Howard Confirms Apollo 13 Tribute to Her Dad Ron Howard in The Mandalorian

"Nice catch!! 100% correct:)," the actress wrote alongside a tweet from a fan who noticed the nod

Bryce Dallas Howard and Ron Howard
Photo: Ian West/PA Images via Getty

Like father, like daughter!

Bryce Dallas Howard has confirmed that she paid tribute to her father, Ron Howard, in the latest episode of The Mandalorian by including a nod to his Oscar-winning film, Apollo 13.

Following the episode's release last week, a fan noted similarities between one scene in the episode — titled "Chapter 11: The Heiress" — and a scene from the 1995 film where a ship bursts into flames while re-entering the atmosphere.

Sharing a side-by-side montage of the two clips together, the fan wrote, "Like father, like daughter! @BryceDHoward, don't think I didn't catch that awesome homage paid to your dad! Considering that 'Apollo 13' is my favorite-favorite movie, I caught it right away!" They added, "I know I can't be the only one who geeked over this! #TheMandalorian."

Responding back to the fan, Bryce, 39, tweeted, "Nice catch!! 100% correct:)," confirming that the scene's tribute was indeed intentional.

In the episode, fans watched as the titular Mandalorian — portrayed by Pedro Pascal joins Baby Yoda and the Frog Lady as they attempt to land on a moon known by the name of Trask, according to Collider.

But, the Mandolroian's ship, the Razor Crest, sustained damage in the prior episode, making the feat more difficult than the group imagined.

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"The Heiress" marked Bryce's return to the director's chair on the ever-popular Disney+ series after she previously directed an episode during the show's first season.

Meanwhile, her director father, 66, directed the 2018 Star Wars spin-off, Solo: A Star Wars Story, which followed the adventures of a young Han Solo.

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And though Bryce has no problem showing some love and paying to tribute to her father now, there was a time where the actress didn't tell anyone her last name.

Speaking with the Los Angeles Times earlier this year, the Jurassic World star reflected on her past hesitation in revealing that she's the daughter of the Oscar-winning director.

"I was insecure about that when I was younger," Bryce told the outlet. "When I went to NYU, I wouldn’t tell anyone my last name and I was like, 'No, Dad, you can’t come see my play because people might recognize you.'"

"For me to be weird about something that, honestly, really doesn’t have anything to do with me — I just realized, that’s just shortsighted," she added. "So many of my peers at NYU had parents who were really not supportive of them being artists in any way, shape or form, which totally made sense because they were scared for them."

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