Judd Apatow revealed that Bryan Cranston was almost cast as a drug dealer in Pineapple Express, but he didn't think the actor was scary enough for the role.

Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston | This chemistry teacher definitely gets an A for knowing his subject matter. — AW
Credit: AMC

Pineapple Express almost cast one of the top drug-dealers in the businessBreaking Bad‘s Walter White.

Judd Apatow revealed that while casting the stoner-comedy, Bryan Cranston was originally considered to play a drug dealer in the film.

In light of the movie’s 10th anniversary, Seth Rogen, who both wrote and starred in Pineapple Express, took to Twitter with a series of behind-the-scenes facts of the film.

Following the actor’s Twitter chronicles — which included revelations that Rogen performed his own stunts and that James Franco and Rogen were actually supposed to play each other’s roles — producer Apatow chimed in with another surprising fact.

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The Knocked Up director shared that Cranston had auditioned to play a drug dealer in the movie, however the producer recalled saying, “I don’t think he seems scary enough to seem like a real drug dealer.”

Little did Apatow know that just months before Pineapple Express opened, Cranston would go on to his debut as Walter White in AMC’s Breaking Bad, where the actor gained immense success from playing a drug titan.

Apatow went on to joke that “If he did PE maybe the Breaking Bad people would have said, “not him, he always plays drug dealers.”

Even Rogen was shocked at the revelation, adding “holy sh*t!” to his retweet of Apatow’s post.

Breaking Bad recently celebrated its 10 year anniversary as well. The cast reunited at San Diego Comic-Con where they teased making appearances in the show’s prequel spin-off Better Call Saul.