Brie Larson Reveals the Major Roles She Auditioned for But Lost to Other Actresses

The actress opened up about some of her past auditions in the inaugural video for her newly minted YouTube channel

brie larson
Brie Larson. Photo: youtube

Brie Larson may have landed the part of Captain Marvel, but not every audition for a blockbuster saw her win like a superhero.

The actress, 30, opened up about some of her past auditions in the inaugural video for her newly minted YouTube channel on Thursday, sharing that she previously tried out for roles in Star Wars and The Hunger Games but was ultimately not cast.

The revelation came when she asked several content creators for advice on what she should cover on her channel.

"That's the beauty of internet. There's no limitations," YouTuber Juanpa Zurita told her. "There's no auditions."

"There's no audition? Why didn't I do this sooner?" Larson mused.

Then she talked with comedian Adande Thorne, who creates YouTube videos under the name Swoozie, and listed some of the roles she lost.

"I auditioned for Star Wars," Larson said. "I auditioned for Hunger Games. I auditioned for the Terminator reboot."

"I actually was thinking about the Terminator reboot today because I got a flat tire and I was like, 'Oh the last time I got a flat tire was when I was driving into my audition for Terminator,'" she continued. "Got a flat tire at the audition, and then didn't get the job."

The lead part in The Hunger Games franchise went to Jennifer Lawrence, while Emilia Clarke was cast in the starring role of Terminator: Genisys.

Brie Larson.

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In her YouTube video, Larson also opened up about dealing with social anxiety as a public figure and how playing Captain Marvel helped her become more comfortable with herself.

"I'm an introvert with asthma. Like, that's been my story for myself. I'm introverted. I'm scared. I have social anxiety," she shared.

"Playing Captain Marvel, that kind of wiped clean those titles I had for myself and made me go, 'Whoa, I'm not really that anymore,'" the star explained. "And so, from there I found that speaking out, telling my story, talking about things that I'm scared of, has just helped me so much."

Captain Marvel. Chuck Zlotnick

Larson spoke about just how much the role meant to her during the premiere of Captain Marvel in 2019, telling PEOPLE, "Carol [Danvers, her character] changed my life and the movie hasn’t even come out yet."

"Just, in particular, getting strong, learning how to stand my ground, own myself, and value my voice. Those are things that I learned from her," she said. “I’ve been very open about the fact I’m an introvert, I have asthma and I was able to push myself further than I thought possible. I’m excited to share her with the world.”

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