The season five premiere of survivalist Bear Grylls' show aired on Tuesday night

By Helen Murphy
November 06, 2019 01:26 PM

Brie Larson is proving that she has real-life superpowers.

On Tuesday night’s season premiere of Running Wild with Bear Grylls, the Captain Marvel star, 30, showed off her outdoorsy side during an adventure with Grylls, 45, across a remote island in the Gulf of Panama.

The pair began their trek by jumping out of a helicopter into the ocean, and then had to navigate through a crocodile-filled swamp on a rope. As Grylls made his way through the swamp, the rope sank down into the water, where crocodiles were sitting nearby.

“I thought the whole point was to not be in the water,” Larson said skeptically.

“If ever you were to need your superpowers, it’s now,” Grylls said, as Larson made her way across the rope.

But their adventure wasn’t over just yet. Later on, Grylls uncovered some rhino beetle larvae and told Larson that the insects contain “good protein” and would make for a “good snack.” The survivalist then explained that, before eating, they had to “purge” the critter first.

Once the insects were substantially “purged,” Grylls and Larson ate the larvae at the same time.

“I just ate a beetle larva … I’d rather not explain what it tastes like,” Larson told the camera afterwards, grossed out. “I think I’m supposed to feel more energized than I do … I think that cappuccinos work better.”

Brie Larson - National Geographic
Brie Larson
| Credit: National Geographic

Later in the episode, Larson opened up about fighting for gender equality in Hollywood.

“I’ve had to trudge through quite a lot … it still blows my mind at times that sexism exists and that it’s still the tip of the iceberg when it comes to discrimination,” she said. “I still am surprised by the way that I’m spoken to, the way that I’m talked down to, or the opportunities that I’m denied.”

Larson continued: “For me, it’s about leaving things better than when I got there. If I can just make the road a little bit smoother for the next generation, or help empower them, it’s a big deal.”

Running Wild with Bear Grylls airs every Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on National Geographic.