"It doesn't matter what Taylor throws, it's all going to be painful," Reed tells PEOPLE of filming the scene

Watch your back, Rosalie!

The fictional character, played by Nikki Reed, 24, in the Twilght saga, is attacked in the head by Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner), 21, with a dog bowl in a never-before-seen clip from the extended edition of Breaking Dawn: Part 1.

Rosalie sets down the dog bowl, which contains a hot dog, next to Jacob, telling him, “Enjoy, mongrel,” with a smirk.

After taking a bite of the meal, Lautner proceeds to hurl the bowl at her head, as she walks away with her back facing him.

“He hit me in the head with that bowl, but it was a rubber bowl,” Reed tells PEOPLE of the prop. “I mean, it doesn’t matter what Taylor throws, it’s all going to be painful.”

The extra clip is a scene that was written up in the original Breaking Dawn book, but never made it to the big screen version. The extended DVD, along with the Breaking Dawn: Part 2 DVD, is available (separately) March 2.

“We love giving the fans any opportunity to see more,” Reed says. “And as an actor making these films, you kind of know these stories revolve around the love story with Bella, Edward and Jacob. The books contain a lot more, but the films can only be so long. We shoot a lot of stuff that doesn’t necessarily make it into the film, but they’re always on the DVD.”

Reflecting back on the cast and her time filming, Reed calls their bond “undeniable,” saying, “I think that we will all continue to put in the effort. We’re always all over the place and it’s hard to find each other. It does take work, but I think we all care about each other.”

In fact, fellow costar, Peter Facinelli, already has a regular reunion plan.

“Peter was like, ‘Hey, should we do like every Sunday brunch?’ ” Reed says. “I said, ‘Sure, if I’m in town, I’m in.’ I’m positive there will be a massive reunion. I’m not sure who is going to organize it, but I am happy to.”