Baby Renesmee Cullen faces major danger in the latest clip from the vampire saga
Credit: Jordan Strauss/Wireimage

Now that Kristen Stewart‘s Twilight alter-ego Bella Swan is a full-blown bloodsucker – with perfectly pale skin and red eyes, of course – all should be fang-tastic for the Cullen clan.

But in the latest teaser for the saga’s final installment, Breaking Dawn: Part 2, released Tuesday, Bella and Edward (played by Robert Pattinson, 26) are forced to take on the challenges of parenthood and the bossy Volturi coven.

In the 10-second clip, fans get a glimpse of vampire-human hybrid Renesmee, whose birth played out in the last film in grueling detail. (The older Renesmee will be played by model-turned-child actress Mackenzie Foy.)

“She was born, not bitten,” Stewart, 22, says in the clip, responding to the news that the Volturi believe their little was a human child turned into a vampire, which is a violation of their laws. “She grows every single day.”

But Stewart will have to say it to their faces. “The Volturi,” Alice Cullen (Ashley Greene) warns, “They’re coming for us.”

The full trailer for the movie, which arrives in theaters Nov. 16, will be released Wednesday.