Is a 'Breaking Bad' Movie Finally Happening with Original Cast? Everything We Know

Heisenberg is back!

Heisenberg is back!

Well, at least he might be. According to The Hollywood Reporter, sources have confirmed that a movie based on AMC’s iconic TV series Breaking Bad is in the works. As of Wednesday, many details are still TBD, but it is clear that Vince Gilligan, the show’s creator, is involved in the project. Allegedly, it will be two hours long and could premiere on TV or in theaters.

Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston | This chemistry teacher definitely gets an A for knowing his subject matter. — AW

Whether leads Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston will return — as well as if it precedes or follows the life and times of Walter White, high school chemistry teacher turned drug kingpin — are still up in the air. The movie will, however, definitely be set in the show’s same New Mexico universe.


Gilligan, 51, is reportedly writing, producing and possibly directing the film along with two executives from Breaking Bad‘s Emmy-winning prequel series Better Call Saul, starring Bob Odenkirk. With a possible working title of Greenbrier, it supposedly follows a man who’s escaped his kidnapping and is searching for freedom.

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According to the Albuquerque Journal, shooting for a project called Greenbrier will start in November.

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Breaking Bad, which ran for five seasons, premiered on AMC 10 years ago. Entertainment Weekly celebrated the anniversary with a reunion photoshoot and interview of the cast in June.

“You can’t just move on,” Cranston, 62, told the outlet of his breakout role. “Something that was so indelible and meaningful in your life and you can’t, and I don’t want to. I want to hold on to those good memories of that gathering, both then and during our seven years together. So, it’s a bit melancholy, actually. Bittersweet.”

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“I love these people,” added Paul, 39, who played fellow meth cook Jesse Pinkman. “I feel blessed to have shared this incredible experience that is Breaking Bad with each and every one of these people … It’s crazy that 10 years has passed, and I am still constantly thinking that. It’s like, wow, how lucky we all are.”

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