Bradley Cooper explains how an ill-fitting suit convinced him to lose his underwear at the White House

By Michael Miller
Updated September 13, 2016 01:30 PM
Credit: Michael Rozman / Warner Bros.

Bradley Cooper was full of surprises on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Tuesday, where Michelle Obama was on hand as cohost.

After DeGeneres and the First Lady struggled to take the perfect selfie, Cooper appeared from offstage to help out, in a nod to his famous Oscars 2014 selfie.

“You know who’s better at this than me? Bradley Cooper,” the host joked before summoning the actor on stage.

Cooper and DeGeneres then began to reminisce about their trips to the White House, which the actor revealed he once visited sans underwear.

“I had just done American Sniper, and I only had one tuxedo that didn’t fit. I was so nervous that it would rip, so I decided at the last minute to eighty-six the underwear,” Cooper explained.

“Right, because if it should rip, it’s much better to not have the underwear on,” DeGeneres quipped.

“For us!” Obama exclaimed. “It’s good for us, right ladies?”