The fake Bradley Cooper has tried to pass himself off as the star at several events in Park City, Utah, a source tells PEOPLE
Credit: Paul Morigi/WireImage

Bradley Cooper‘s in town – well, er, not really.

A look-alike of the actor has been sneaking his way into star-studded parties at the Sundance Film Festival by passing himself off as Cooper, a source tells PEOPLE.

For two nights in a row, the Cooper doppelgänger has used the actor’s name to try to get into events, including, the official Morris from America afterparty at Bar 53 at Rock & Reilly’s, and 50 Bleu Lounge, the source says.

In addition, Page Six reports that the man has been using a picture from Cooper’s 2009 film The Hangover as identification and declared, “You’re done for!” when approached by security.

Two Minutes of Bradley Cooper’s Greatest Hits

Interestingly enough, the actor isn’t even in attendance for the annual Park City, Utah, cinematic event.

There are, however, plenty of real celebrities watching the screenings and hitting the parties at Sundance.

From Kerry Washington to John Legend, much of Hollywood has flocked to the town to support their films and take advantage of the festival’s gastronomic delights.