Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga are hitting the big screen again

By Ale Russian
February 27, 2019 03:01 PM

What a better way to celebrate Lady Gaga‘s Oscar win than seeing A Star Is Born in theaters again — with 12 new minutes of footage!

The movie, which won for Best Original Song on Sunday, is heading back to the big screen for a special one-week event. A Star Is Born, starring Gaga, 32, and Bradley Cooper, 44, will play in 1,150 theaters across the country starting on Friday, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

And Warner Bros. has even more tricks up its sleeve. The studio announced that the re-release of the movie will feature 12 new minutes of footage, including an extended version of Gaga’s acoustic “Shallow” performance for Cooper’s character in the movie.

Credit: Neal Preston/Warner Bros.

The new footage also includes Gaga’s Ally singing a longer version of “Is That Alright?” to Cooper’s Jackson Maine in the wedding sequence, as well as the two collaborating on a new song together titled “Clover.”

“Shallow” earned Cooper and Gaga a Grammy earlier this month, and Gaga won her first-ever Oscar for Best Original Song at Sunday’s ceremony. The two gave an intimate performance of the hit, which caused fans to go wild on social media praising their still-there chemistry.

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Lady Gaga Bradley CooperCredit: ABC
Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper performing at the Oscars
| Credit: ABC

In the press room after the show, Gaga revealed the sweet and encouraging message that Cooper shared with his friend and costar before taking the stage together.

“One of the hardest things in life is to be brave enough to be yourself. I wish to everyone that is going to that celebration to feel a joy inside of them,’” Gaga recounted to reporters.

“That’s actually what Bradley said to me yesterday, right before we did our last rehearsal for this performance of ‘Shallow,’ ” she continued. “He said, ‘Let’s just drop a little bit of joy.’ And I said, ‘Okay.’ And turns out, joy did a whole lot for me.”