Bradley Cooper plays a chef who's trying to salvage a once-promising restaurant career in Burnt

By Tim Nudd
Updated August 13, 2015 11:15 AM

Look out, Gordon Ramsay! We’ve got another volatile chef on our hands.

Bradley Cooper gets back to the culinary arts in the just-released first trailer for Burnt. The preview shows he’s taking plenty of heat, but not getting out the kitchen as he struggles to salvage a once-promising restaurant career derailed by drug abuse.

The three-time Oscar-nominated actor has done foodie work before, having played Anthony Bourdain in a TV-series version of the celebrity chef’s memoir Kitchen Confidential. That 2005 Fox series was well-received critically, but was canceled after just four episodes.

In Burnt, Cooper plays Adam Jones, who has moved to London after burning out in Paris as a talented, precocious teen chef. “Maybe I just wanted it really badly, and when I got it, I didn’t know how to hold onto it,” he says in a voiceover.

He also does his best Ramsay imitation by shoving plates to the floor and generally melting down because of his own kitchen nightmares.

The film, directed by John Wells and costarring Sienna Miller, opens Oct. 23.